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>Anyone know about Halloween traditions during the Middle Ages? I also
>wonder if it's celebrated in Europe.

I know that in Scotland (one of those oddly Celtic countries where All
Hallow's Eve got it's start as Samhain (say SOW-en)), they traditionally
carved TURNIPS.  Now, I know this is not a medieval tradition, because turnips
were not introduced to Scottish agriculture until 1713 (which some Scholars
argue was the event that brought Scotland out of the middle ages).  But
recently, due to commercial influences from America, people have begun
importing pumpkins from the states into Scotland for halloween.  Isn't it
silly when American pumpkins are seen to be the "traditional" thing one does
on Halloween, even in one of the holiday's countries of origin.  The only
reason we use pumpkins, I think, is that we have no real turnips big
Eogan Og
(Who wanted so much to go to both Mabinogi AND New Year's Massacre, and
couldn't decide which one.... so I'l just go to work instead (sigh)).
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