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Re: Off topic but important

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

As long as we're stuck on this...

Eli White wrote:
> Poster: Eli White <eliwhite@home.com>
> Sorry to continue an off topic thread, but ... :)
> I just wanted to also throw in my 2 cents.  If someone is TOTALLY not
> informed of the status of any of the candidates running the current
> election, and therefore has NO idea of their own as to which candidates
> they should vote for, then they should not vote.

As a citizen, it is your duty to know what the candidates' platforms
are.  This is not that difficult.  You can usually find basic
information on all candidates running for election at the League of
Women Voters' site at http://www.lwv.org.

Otherwise, if you're familiar enough with the platforms of the major
political parties in the area and support those platforms, I see no
problem with just voting a straight ticket.

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