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RE: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

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No offense, but this is sugar-coating.  Yes we are concerned about this.
Actually, to be honest, the Archers are just as/if not more concerned than
many of the heavies.  We are all concerned about saftey... if we weren't
then there wouldn't be an authorization procedure.  If we weren't then
there wouldn't be minimum armor requirements.  If we weren't then there
wouldn't be weapon specifications... there wouldn't be marshals...there 
wouldn't be rules.  But unfortunately, one bad incident outweighs hours
and hours of testing.  I don't feel that pulling a particular style of
arrow out of use because of 1 isolated incident is "mature", but rather

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I've been silent because I am a nonfighter,nonarcher and nonfencer but I
do take offense to this attitude.  An arm can be repaired with time, a
bruise or sprain can be repaired over time but if an arrow bounces back
and hits anything close to my eye I want an investigation to make it
safer.  Eyes aren't as easily repaired and the lost used of all or part
of an eye is not easily repaired. Had it been me as the victim I would
have asked for the same suspension until I had been convinced that this
was safe and strictly an isolated incident.  This is what Stephan is doing.
I don't find this reactionary and immature in the slightest.  I find it
brave of someone to make an unpopular stand until the issue has been
resolved. I also get offended when someone says "I just spent $300.00
on all this stuff and now I might not get to use it just because of a
near miss!"  These are the opinions I find reactionary.  Perhaps one hold
on to the arrows and react once a decision is made.  Stephan is an archer
himself and has been for many years.  It's not like he's some child that
doesn't understand the kind of grief this suspension is going to cause.
If it's an error to suspend temporarily than I for one would rather he
err on the side of caution!  And now it's time for me to get back to 
painting before I say something ignorant.

Who's lost the address for the marshal's mailing list and is wondering
whether she should cross post this reply.
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