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RE: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: Eli White <eliwhite@home.com>

>An arm can be repaired with time, a
>bruise or sprain can be repaired over time but if an arrow bounces back
>and hits anything close to my eye I want an investigation to make it
>safer.  Eyes aren't as easily repaired and the lost used of all or part
>of an eye is not easily repaired.

I must say that this hits the main point of all this right on the head.  We
arn't talking about a 7.5' unpadded polearm that we feel might knock people
out, or break an arm.

Broken bones will heal, consiousness is regained.  While these things are
serious, they are not permanent damage.

Unfortuneatly, cybernetic technology has not advanced far enough to replace
an eye.  If you lose an eye, it doesn't grow back.  You are simply out an
eye (and out of 3D vision for that matter).  There is no going back.

Therefore I see a threat of permanent damage a VERY good reason to
temporarily restrict something's use.

Siegfried Sebastian Faust

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