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Re: Kneeling and One's Mundane Private Beliefs (Long)

Poster: Manly Summerfield <jophelia@yahoo.com>

My lady, 

I am also a newbie (very new) and am delurking for this one real
quick. I subscribed to the Merry Rose just intime for this discussion
and have read from the first post. While I believe your concerns about
religious prejudice are very justified in our modern times I do not
think this was ever the intent of this discussion. I read every post
and at the end said to myself, How interesting, I did not know that. I
looked at it as more of a history lesson and a peek into another
culture that a judgement or evaluation. My view is if you dont want to
bow, more power to you! It is indeed a game. Happy Playing:)

ps. I think that if in your heart you dont think you should bow then
dont, if I were in that court and saw you not bow, Id prolly be more
concerned about getting a good look at your garb:) But then Im a
costume nut:)
I hope I posted this correctly:)

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Manly the Confused

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