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[Fwd: [TY] RE: Peer dependant Owner's manual:]

Thought this need to be passed on.

---- Begin included message ----
My lords and ladies, forgive my intrusion onto your lists, but a 
grave situation has come to my attention.

Eighteen years ago, three friends and I created a document called the 
"Peers Owners Manual", which was circulated in Meridies and may have 
found its way to other kingdoms.  It took a lot of time and thought 
(and beer) to write that document, and we were (I think) justly proud 
of the result.

Imagine my dismay, then, when I discovered that someone has "lifted" 
90% of that original manual, made some minor modifications, and has 
distributed it to the lists as the "Associates Owners Manual" without 
notifying or asking permission of the original authors.  Yes, we know 
that the names on the original were disguised, but it was an open 
secret in Meridies, and at least a dozen people on the Tavern Yard 
(Meridies' list) know the authors. (This revised document has NOT 
appeared on the Yard, either).  If anyone had wanted to distribute or 
modify it, they surely could have asked on the lists for info on the 

If anyone would like to verify that I am, indeed, the original 
author, I can quote several passages in the original printed document 
that were not in the revised version.  In addition, the following 
individuals were Co-Authors - Sir Kelton, Baron Frances of Aaron 
Isles, Lady Diana of the South Downs - none of which gave permission 
for the revision.  In addition, these people can verify that we 
created the original (and were suitably "punished" for our crimes) - 
Sir Saavogg Haroldsson, Mistress Rebecca of Twywn, Mistress 
Christianna MacGrain, Master Cathal.

I also ask that people refrain from distributing this "revised" 
manual, in the interest of protecting the creative talents of 
everyone in the SCA.  If there is sufficient interest, we would we 
happy to post the original for distribution with the proper credits. 

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Please forward this 
message to other lists where this revised document has circled.

Mistress Morgan y Crwydryn o Saincler
Companion of the Order of the Pelican

---- End included message ----