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A Forward from the East!

Poster: "Michael Jeffrey Looney" <barderic@mailcity.com>

>Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 00:03:38 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Huff <rhuff@cybercom.net>
To: sca-east@indra.com
Subject: EK: [Fwd: Fwd: MIDLAUREL]: help for the greeks
Reply-To: sca-east@indra.com

-Poster: Robert Huff <rhuff@cybercom.net>


> my apprentice anya writes to me from greece, where she is
> currently going to school, to beg for any type of sca information
> that can be sent.  the group in athens is small, but dedicated,
> but they are very, VERY far from the centers of culture in
> drachenwald, and need as much assistance as they can get. their
> wish-list includes any and all patterns for garb, armor,
> accessories, furniture, and so on, any recipes for medieval
> cooking, brewing and vinting, any sheet music, songs, dance
> manuals or related info, and basically ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER
> on sca topics or culture. please, please send xeroxes, extra
> copies of compleat anachronists, articles, anything at all, in
> fact. they only have one fighter, who is having difficulty holding
> tournaments with herself(!), and little basic info at all.
> These folks have gone out of their way to be helpful and generous
> to my apprentice anya, sight unseen. they took time out of their
> work schedules to pick her up at the airport, teach her enough
> greek to get by, show her the sights, etc, based on a "you don't
> know me, but i'm in the sca" letter she sent them. they are also
> in touch with the italian groups, who are almost as cut off, and
> the group in turkey (i'm just as surprised as you are, believe
> me!), who are even more so, and will be disseminating this
> information to all of them.
> think about what information you would need to send to a new group
> starting up on mars, who had read a few books and seen a few movies
> with medieval topics, and you will see the depth of the need; read:
> the address to send stuff to is:
>           Leda Filippopolou
>                 Tsakasianou 21
>           111-41 Athens
>           GREECE
> Thanking you in advance for your service to the arts and sciences.
> manthra  <<

                        Diego Mundoz<

Tristin de Roquelaure ("idiot savant")
Kingdon of Atlantia
Barony of the Windmaster's Hill
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
"Als thai haf wryten and sayd
Haf I alle in myn Inglis layd,
In symple speechs as I couthe,
That is lightest in manne's mouthe.
Alle for the luf of symple men,
That strange Inglis cannot ken."

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