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Fwd: Toys for Tots; request for results.

Poster: Cyndi Korup <poohdrum@yahoo.com>

Greetings, All.

A friends from The Outlands is seeking information as to which
Atlantian groups participated in a Toys for Tots Tourney and how many
toys were raised/gathered.

Any assistance you could be would be appreciated.

Feel free to contact me privately so as not to fill the Tavern with
old conversations that may not be of interest to all.

In thanks, 

> Would either of you be able to find out how many toys your kingdom
> if it held a toys for tots event this year?  and how many groups
> the kingdom participated?  I would appreciate it.
> As you probably know, the Outlands went bananas on getting toys this
> and folks are bugging me to see how we stood up with the other
> I'll share the results when I get them.
> Thanks!
> --Adam
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you can
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> it touches. -- Gardener Dozois

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