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Re: Fwd: Toys for Tots; request for results.

Poster: "J.T. Thorpe" <eldred@concentric.net>

Greetings from Eldred!

The amended total is inexact, but I am told that the final count was
about 78 toys.


J.T. Thorpe wrote:
> Poster: "J.T. Thorpe" <eldred@concentric.net>
> Greetings from Eldred!
> This year's Toys for Tots Tourney was held during the Feast of St.
> Dismas
> in the Canton of Cyddlain Downs.  The Tournament is normally held in
> Falcon Cree, however due to many scheduling conflicts and the
> cooperation
> of the two groups, the Tourney was held as a special event within the
> Feast of St. Dismas.  The count we came up with from the event itself
> was 58 toys.  The toys were presented to the Marines during a public
> demo at Toys 'R' Us in Spartanburg, SC this past weekend.  I understand
> that additional toys and money were collected at the demo, but since I
> was
> at work that day, I do not know what the final count is.
> In Service,
> THL Eldred AElfwald
> Toy Transportation Service
> Wynnie asks about Toys for Tots:
> > Greetings, All.
> >
> > A friends from The Outlands is seeking information as to which
> > Atlantian groups participated in a Toys for Tots Tourney and how many
> > toys were raised/gathered.

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