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Re: Sailing Down Africa's East Coast (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

Tristan de Roquelaure:

> I'm asking this QUITE seriously, before I get flaamed for it, okay?
> >I read this:
> or through Timbuktu
> (a powerful sub-Saharan African state for several hundred years with
> Berber trade contacts)<
> And I had 2 questions arise:
> 1.  Is that who we get the style of "berber carpets" from?
> and
> 2.  What's a "Berber"??

A Berber is a member of any one of several tribes that live in
North Africa. They're usually Moslem, and speak Arabic as their
second languag-their first language is Berber.

Berber carpets entered Europe through trade with them, generally
via the Iberian Peninsula, where they, the Moors, and a bunch of
others took up residence from the 700's until the 1400's.

Pedro (not a Berber)
Craig Levin
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