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Change of address

Poster: Efenwealt Wyslte <wystle@ipass.net>

For those of you who keep up with addresses and mailings and stuff, please know
that Arawynn/Kirsten and I (Efenwealt/Scott) and our business (Between the
Worlds) have recently moved. Our new address is:

Scott Vaughan & Kirsten Wienand Vaughan
1144 Nottingham Cir.
Cary, NC 27511

Our phone number shall remain 919-319-1910. I can't believe we bought a
townhouse in Cary. I drive a mini-van and own a cappuchino maker. Somebody shoot
me before I have 2.5 children and a dog named Spot. 

Should someone reply to this, be sure to check your header. I've copied an awful
lot of people on this.

Blessings, joy, etc.
+ Master Efenwealt Wystle, OL (mka Scott Vaughan) wystle@ipass.net    +
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