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Poster: CGScoop@aol.com

>I received a private e-mail today asking why you (people of atlantia
> listserve) are writing my book for me.

I would like to add my apologies to the others that have spoken on this topic.
Sometimes we forget that the society is an educational organization (that is
the reason we are tax exempt). Shouldn't we educate?

But a more important reason to answer questions like this is to further the
cause of knowledge. Information is increasingly becoming a valuable commodity.
Yes, this type of research could have been done at a library, though perhaps
not as easily as some have suggested. But should we hoard our knowledge, or
share it freely with others? The Crosby's have graciously offered to credit
us, but even if they gave us no recognition at all, the people who read their
book will be a little more knowledgeable than they were before about that
which we love, and that is enough for me. Isn't that what our society is all
about, the selfless gathering and sharing of knowledge?

William of Falestone
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