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RE: atlantia list concerns

Poster: Xena Drum <xenadrum@yahoo.com>

I, too, have found the dialogues interesting, and have learned much
about times and activities that do not relate to my play in the SCA. I
feel (MY opinion, mind you) that this knowledge lends itself to a more
tolerant view of the diverse population of the SCA.

ANd, I like that an author cares enough about their work to make sure
it is as correct as possible. Many of us have experienced conflicting
information while doing research; I think these folk are wise to come
to the SCA folk who not only "know" but "live" the dream.



Mike eloquently pointed out:
> I decided not to speak up because:
>    1) She was perfectly open about why she was asking, and if some
>       members of the list had the time/interest to respond that was no
>       business of mine;
>    2) Anything that improves the accuracy of historical (or
>       quasi-historical) material being published is a Good Thing; and
>    3) I occasionally learned something.
The Authors gave assurances:
> >If the book is bought/published, my intent is to 'give' credit to
> >several people on this link who have been very patient in answering
> >questions as I try and learn/understand this complex era.  I also
> >on giving thanks to the people of atlantia for their assistance in
> >credits.
Mike again spoke well:
> I would certainly expect this sort of credit from any author for the
> assistance given. Thank you for being kind enough to provide such
> re-assurances in advance of the books purchase/publication.

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