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A thought! (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

Tristan de Roquelaure:

> I was thinking last night about the Cosby's question, and I have my own now.
> If, or when, that DID happen, could they have had him murdered 
> and called it lawful if the murderer was caught?

Him whom? The adulterer? The killer?

> How many instances are their of women being the murderer's device?

Hard to say. We're looking at the sort of thing where rumor runs
faster and hits harder than the truth.

> Could she have been sent to anotherprovidence or some other
> place if the guy she's have the affair with is an important figure as well?

Possibly. it was not unheard of for a person to own more than one
castle in more than one place, or to have relatives who could

> And if he IS an important figure, would they have caused a 
> scandel such as we are seeing today?

See: Abelard and Heloise, the fictional examples of Lancelot and
Guinevere and Tristram and Isoud...the answer, clearly, is yes.
Medieval people seem to have found the figure of the cuckold to
be a very funny one-the cult of Saint Joseph was somethng of a
matter of low comedy to them. Bad enough that a man's a cuckold,
but to be so treated by the Almighty-well!


Craig Levin
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