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Re: Henry VII

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

In a message dated 12/16/98 7:00:02 PM Eastern Standard Time,
rjwelenc@erols.com writes:

Alanna scrieves:
> Your library should have on-line or hard-copies of Books In Print.
>  This is a humongous amount of information on books that are currently
>  in print.  It is broken down by title, author, and subject.

Just to add one thing to her excellent post:  most libraries now are getting
rid of the hard copies of BIP (I almost cried when I had to box ours up), and
going to the CD-ROM version.  So if you can't find it, look near the computer
terminals, or ask a librarian.  It's easy to use, but if you are not compuer-
minded, they will help you.  (But if you are not computer-minded, then you
probably aren't reading this e-mail ;-)

And without sounding smarmy, a good resource for references in and out of
print on a subject is. . .  another book on that subject!  If you can find one
good book on Henry Tudor that you like, look in the back at the bibliography.
Find the sources the author used.  If you are lucky it is an annotated
bibliography.  Take this information to the librarian and go to town!  It is
possible to actually go back to the primary material (although probably on
microfiche).  I was able to do research on Alexander Cuming, for example, (a
18th century baronet who visited NC), using his original correspondence from
1730 that was on microfilm in my own University library. If I hadn't asked I
would never have known they were available.

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