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Re: Henry VII

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

I applaud you my lady!  We are an educationally oriented organization and we
should answer peoples questions.  On the other hand...... I just love this
quote:  "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach him to fish and he
eats for a life time."  I don't know who said it, but I know it I went to the
reference library I could look the quote up and find out (Bartlett's?).  BTW
the reverse snowball search is my personal favorite.

Wishing I had more time for research myself,
Lady Lora Leigh
Southern Wilds of Attillium

In a message dated 12/16/98 6:59:54 PM EST, rjwelenc@erols.com writes:

<< IP is only one of the sources available.  It does not list books
 that have been written but are no longer being published -- and there
 are a lot more of them out there than those currently in print.  
 If you have internet access, go to Amazon.com and do a subject
 search.  Note down books that look interesting.  Then go back to the
 library for an ILL.
 Failing all else,  go  to the librarian and ask her how to find a
 good biography of H7.  Odds are that even the smallest libraries will
 have a reference book that lists biographies of all sorts (and all
 sorts of other books about books!)  In the absense of an author
 and/or title,  she can even make a subject ILL request  for "a
 biography of Henry VII."
 Please, *please* do not be too shy to ask for help.  You're not
 "bothering" the librarians -- YOU are the reason that reference
 librarians exist.  They want to help you.  Ferreting out information
 is fun!
 (one time librarian who vividly remembers the lady that asked if the
 library had a picture of Cleopatra...)
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