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A thought!

Poster: Erick and Sue <bduck@fred.net>

I am given to understand that when situations like this happen.  It is the
woman who is at fault.  Even in cases such as rape and yes even today.  The
logic goes something like this, she used her feminine wiles and all that
leftover Garden of Evil original sin on the pure and manly man tempting him
beyond endurance and thus is responsible for the act.  Any struggling she
put up was just an act.

I imagine that the cuckolded husband would be primarily interested in
keeping his dignity by hushing it up.  Holing her up in a convent might
very well be a fine solution as could poison.  The status of the other
party would determine how that side was dealt with.  Lots of money can
solve many little problems and well there is always assasination or poison,
or a post in some backwater estate.  The important thing would be to keep
it REAL quiet or be a laughing stock and subject of bawdy and embarrasing

In this case, she was a willing participant.  But, she would be seen as
such even if she were not.  The question stands, does this Earl wish to
marry again?  How can he manage that if his wife is in a nunnery and
divorce isn't an option?  Are marriages annuled if the woman enters a
convent leaving him free to find a more demure and well guarded women?


>Poster: "Michael Jeffrey Looney" <barderic@mailcity.com>
>I was thinking last night about the Cosby's question, and I have my own now.
>If, or when, that DID happen, could they have had him murdered and called
>it lawful if the murderer was caught?
>How many instances are their of women being the murderer's device?
>Could she have been sent to anotherprovidence or some other place if the
>guy she's have the affair with is an important figure as well?
>And if he IS an important figure, would they have caused a scandel such as
>we are seeing today?

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