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Re: Castle Trash, indeed!

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> > You're a SCAdian redneck if:
> >
> > Feast consists of Pork Rinds, a moon pie, and RC
> > Your practice foil came off your old pickup
> >
> > *Your pavilion is "safety orange"
> > *You greet people with "Howdy, Milord".
> > *More than 40% of your armor is from a defunct yard appliance.
> > *You oil said armor with WD-40.
> > *Your coat of arms has Calvin peeing on a number.
> > *Your battle flag has "NASCAR" anywhere on it......
> >
>     Your chain mail is made of beer can pull tabs....
>     You've ever tiped your cornet at a passing Lady...
>     You think Elvis should have been a Laurel...
>     Your favorite SCA treasure is your air brushed painting of His
> Duke Sir Whoever, on black velvet
>     You've ever peed on a camp fire...
>                  or the side of someone's tent...

You know you're an SCA redneck if...

	...your pickup truck has a crossbow rack in the rear window.
	...there's a horse up on blocks in your yard.
	...your idea of a new feasting goblet is opening a fresh beer.
	...your crown has the logo of some sort of farm equipment on the
	...you keep trying to register the Confederate flag as your
personal heraldry.
	...you cry "Y'all make way for the King 'n Queen now, y'hear?"
when heralding the Royals into court.



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