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Re: Castle Trash, indeed!

Poster: Akilah of Seareach <akilah@bellsouth.net>

> You're a SCAdian redneck if:
> Feast consists of Pork Rinds, a moon pie, and RC
> Your practice foil came off your old pickup
> Works for me
> Maeve Mac Donnell
> Falcon Cree
> --Poster: RavnScribe@aol.com
> Actually, we were working on a similar list here.
> You're a SCAdian redneck if:
> *Your pavilion is "safety orange"
> *You greet people with "Howdy, Milord".
> *More than 40% of your armor is from a defunct yard appliance.
> *You oil said armor with WD-40.
> *Your coat of arms has Calvin peeing on a number.
> *Your battle flag has "NASCAR" anywhere on it......
> Anyone else?
> Okay...how about

You know you're an SCA redneck if....
    Your chain mail is made of beer can pull tabs....
    You've ever tiped your cornet at a passing Lady...
    You think Elvis should have been a Laurel...
    Your favorite SCA treasure is your air brushed painting of His Grace,
Duke Sir Whoever, on black velvet
    You've ever peed on a camp fire...
                 or the side of someone's tent...


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