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Re: Forwarded mail...

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 02:24 PM 12/18/98 -0600, Craig Levin wrote:
>Speaking as someone who's a historian (by training, but not by
>occupation), I sometimes find the results of what has happened to
>this research as it filtered through the SCA's channels to be
>almost as fascinating as the truth. I know that at least one
>sociologist has studied the SCA in the context of other
>historical recreation groups, but I'd love to know if a
>folklorist has ever looked at SCA "mediaeval history urban

There's a nice dissertation for someone!

Jan Brunvand has looked at SCA urban legends in one of his books
(_The Baby Train_, I think) but he only covered SCA-specific legends
like "Barbarian in the Burger King" and "I'll See Your Six".  

I'm sure we can come up with quite a list of  mediaeval history urban

The one I see most commonly  reads "Medieval people used lots of
spices to cover up the taste of rotting meat."  Would the cooks like
to refute this one?


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