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Recommended reading?

Poster: Bob & Diana Cosby <cosby@erols.com>

    I have a question please.  I'm trying to research Scottish women in
England and Southern Scotland during the 1290's.  Is "Women in the
Middle Ages by Frances Gies, Joseph Gies" going to offer me good insight
for this era?  I'm also looking for a book which breaks down the
Scottish during this era and their rank structure.  Any recommendations
would be greatly appreciated.
    I was going through my recipes the other day, and I came across an
old one that has been passed down through the generations in our family,
a recipe for honey.  Personally I've never made it as it requires quite
a large amount of different flower petals.  I wondered if during the
medieval times the people made their own honey vice letting the bees do
it?  Thank you very much in advance.
Ha det sa bra & Happy Holidays,
Diana Cosby

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