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Re: Recommended reading?

Poster: Nicole Smithers <ladyemma@mindspring.com>

At 03:31 PM 12/19/98 -0500, Bob & Diana Cosby wrote:
>Poster: Bob & Diana Cosby <cosby@erols.com>
>    I have a question please.  I'm trying to research Scottish women in
>England and Southern Scotland during the 1290's.  Is "Women in the
>Middle Ages by Frances Gies, Joseph Gies" going to offer me good insight
>for this era?  I'm also looking for a book which breaks down the
>Scottish during this era and their rank structure.  Any recommendations
>would be greatly appreciated.

You might try Between Pit and Pedestal; Women in the Middle Ages by 
Mary Williams and Anne Echols 

there are two excellent books about Sexuality and Repression during the
Middle Ages
Love Locked Out by James Cleugh
Sex, Dissidence, and Damnation (Minority Groups in the Middle Ages) Jeffrey

Just a fun book to read to get some flavor is Uppity Women of Medieval
Times by 
Vicki Leon.

Emma of Elandonan


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