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Best of the Hammer Books available again.

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Subject: Re: Interested in Best of Hammer IV
   Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 23:46:55 -0500 (EST)
   From: "Norman A. Larson" <larbooks@impulse.net>
Edited by Brian Flax, 285 pgs. 8 3/8 x 5 3/8.  For action packed, well
put-together, useful information about all forms of metalworking, this
book and those listed below are the best.  There are many, many
illustrations. In this volume you will find basic smithing (54 pgs.),
Damascus steel (30 pgs.), making armor (40 pgs.), helms (55 pgs.), and
book reviews and editorials (50pgs.)
B333 (P)  $10.00

Ed. by Brian Flax, 285 pgs.  See Volume I for introduction.  There are
many illustrations and in this volume you wil find basic smithing (59
pgs), swords (33 pgs), Damascus steel (9 pgs), making armor (50 pgs),
helms (25 pgs), making mail (34 pgs), general information (34 pgs), and
many book reviews and editorials.
B334 (P)   $10.00

Ed. by Brian Flax.  Many, many illustrations.  Topics:  basic smithing
(9 pgs), Damascus steel (35 pgs), swords (25 pgs), armor & general (47
pgs), helms (21 pgs), gauntlets (59 pgs), sources of supply (9 pgs), 
and many editiorials and book reviews 
B335 (P)   $10.00

Ed. by Brian Flax, 221 pgs.  See Volume I for introduction. This volume
has 13 chapters, each with many drawings and illustrations listing the
materials, processes, tools, and sources for the making of various 
armor parts.  In addition to the body armor described in detail, there
are also descriptions of the weapons used.  This book has an especially
good section on the making of various kinds of helms.  This book would
be of great value to anyone interested in raising or sinking metal.
B336 (P)   $10.00

Postage is $2.00 for the first book plus $.50 for each additional book
to a max of $5.00.  Norm Larson Books, 5426 E. HWY 246,
Lompoc, CA  93436.   Fax:  805 735 8367,  PH:  800 743 4766

I'll put a catalog in the mail tomorrow.

Norm Larson

At 08:07 AM 12/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
> Read on a list that you are producing the Hammer Series again.
>Also that you are putting out the Mastermyr chest book.
>May I please have a list and prices?
>Master Magnus Malleus, OL
Now, for those of you who have not been in the SCA long enough to know
what the Best of the Hammer Series are they were a lot more than the
little Complete Anachronist Books. They were the compilation of the
Middle Kingdom Armourer's Guild and the last time I saw them in print
was about 10 years ago. If you want to learn to make your own armor,
these would be a very good start. Of course if you like plastic armor
you won't be at all interested. If you want metal and want to learn
this is the largest SCA set of manuals I know of.

I've already written to them and ordered the #4 I was missing having
given it as a present to the Yellin family at the Yellin Forge in
Philadelphia since they were so kind to us when we visited and were
mentioned in it. It was last printed by Raymond's Quiet Press and I
bought my last one in 1986.

I got the Norm Larson catalog this week and was very impressed with it.
There is a great deal on metalworking, jewelry, some woodworking,
harness, leatherwork, and coachbuilding including wheel and wagonmaking.
So I'm a customer, and not commercially affiliated. The catalog was
sort of on a par with Centaur Forge's Books or Lindsay's Metal and
Woodworking catalogs. In fact many of the books are the same.

Having gotten my order in I figure I can safely tell the rest of our
folks about it. I heard about it on a private net. Go for it. It was
written by your fellow SCAdians.

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