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Bootlegging, SCA style (slightly off topic)

Poster: Xena Drum <xenadrum@yahoo.com>

> Greetings to all! Wynnie here.
> First, apologies for using the bandwidth space of the Lists but this
> is where all my friends are...
> Second: The subject at hand is Bootlegging.
> I, as many of you know already, married Daveed Korup; he is a
> professional percussionist in the "mundane" world as well as one of
> two drumming laurels in the SCA.
> In doing so I have been drop kicked into learning the business of
> DrumFest! as well as his partnership with Master Sylvanus, mka Billy
> Woods, in Lights On Productions. It came to my attention recently, in
> working with  an out of Kingdom merchant, that a lot of bootlegging of
> the music products is apparently occurring.
>         Bootlegging means unlawful copies of the music and
> instructional products artists have spent a good deal of time, and
> their own money, to produce.
>         I was naively unaware this could be a problem.
>  Is the populace at large aware of bootlegging going on?
>          I do remember a Knight from the Oregon area coming up to us
> at Pennsic
>  26 and being very excited that he'd seen Daveed.
>  	He exuberantly said, "I've got something to give you!".
>  Arrangements were made to meet up with him at a later time. His visit
> to our camp was solely for him to
> bring this by and then we would hit the party circuit...he strode into
> camp and stopped just in front of Daveed, held out his hand, and said
> "I had friends who wanted your tapes. I couldn't find any locally, so
> I made copies for them. Since I know this is your livelihood, I paid
> you $10 per copy I made. Here's $40."
>   He paid the retail price for making four copies. Not paying would
> have been *True Bootlegging*. To make copies in order to avoid paying
> the purchase price is bootlegging.
>      Please, keep in mind that many of the SCA folk are artists who
> share their knowledge, to a point, with all who ask at no charge -
> that *is* the SCA way.
>  	Yet, many are also professionals who make their livelihood doing the
> same kind of work in the modern world. Your support of them allows
> them to continue to bring new knowledge - and new products - to
> the A&S tents as well as the marketplaces.
>   Thank you for *not* bootlegging products of any kind.
>    In faith and service,
>    Wynnie
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