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RE: Pennsic Seneschal's Court and Requirements This Year

Poster: "Neal Townley (EUS)" <QUSNJT@am1.ericsson.se>

I agree... Who will watch the watchers?

Will this court will be subject to approval from the crown?

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> Ok, Maybe I don't get it, but why would anyone be 'a bit hot' over this?
> It just sounds to me like they are going to actually take action against
> those people not playing the game.  Getting rid of the elf ears, removing
> the pure fantasy costumes, etc ...
> As well as promptly handling people who are making a scene, or generally
> being obxoius(sp) ...
> I see all these as good things, can someone please fill me in as to why
> people (other than those who want to wear elf ears) would be hot about
> this?
> Siegfried Sebastian Faust
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