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RE: Period Card Decks Info needed

Poster: gregory.stapleton@funb.com

> to do it as in period,
> get some tight grained wood and carve your design in reverse on the block.
> roll out some ink and print away.  you'll have to carve at least one block
> for each card of each suit.
> if you want multiple colors, you'll need even more blocks, one block per
> color.
> to substitute a more modern material, you could use linolium blocks, found
> in art supply and some craft stores.
> YIS,
> Gawain Kilgore
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> From:	Josh [SMTP:dungeon@norfolk.infi.net]
> Sent:	Wednesday, January 06, 1999 11:11 PM
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> Subject:	Period Card Decks Info needed
> Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>
> Greetings,
> I am looking for anyone who has experience with making decks in
> particular,
> who have or know how to make period "card decks", and/or taro decks
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