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Re: [fwd] EK: Jafar will be made a duke

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@Radix.Net>

> Poster: Dryw Freed <dryw@bellsouth.net>
> Beiskaldi@aol.com wrote:
> > Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com
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> > In a message dated 99-01-28 22:21:45 EST, silverdragon@InfoAve.Net writes:
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> > >
> > >  How sad!
> > >
> > >  The requirement that you actually serve as monarch to get a royal peerage
> > > was one of the last unbroken rules in our game. . .
> > >
> >
> > To me, sadder still that clinging to old rules & remaining static would be
> > preferred to growth & the change necessary over time, as the populace
> > increases, grows, & dynamics change.  I for one am glad that he will be
> > remembered in such a way, & it is an honor to him & his lady that he was
> > looked upon so highly by so many people throughout the Known World.
> >
> > Thyra
> I would most strongly second this.  I cannot imagine that the intent of that
> rule was to deny an honorary title to a man who embodied many ideals of the
> Society both on and off the field simply because he had the poor judgement to
> die before he could be crowned.  Jafar richly deserved the title of Duke, as
> much as anyone I've ever known in the Society, and the only thing I find TRULY
> sad is that he will never be able to claim the title in person.
I hope the Midrealm Order of Precedence still lists him as a Prince. After
all, he was a Prince when he passed on; he did not relinquish the station,
voluntarily or no, and he has not formally been stripped of that dignity
by any authority capable of it. _That_ will honor him in a way difficult to

(Note: were a sitting monarch to suffer a similar fate, I would endorse
keeping them listed as King/Queen in perpetuity)

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