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Thoughts on Coronation

Poster: Chindora@aol.com

Greetings Unto the Populace of the Fair Kingdom of Atlantia  :)

My family and I attended our first Atlantian event this past weekend, and I
wanted to share some things with you all.  

We are recently moved into this land from the kingdom of Trimaris.  Leaving
our SCA family in Trimaris was as hard as leaving our kin.  In many ways they
had become closer to us than our blood relatives, sharing a special dream that
was dear to our hearts.  We did not know what to expect coming to a new
kingdom.  For one thing, we were very active in our home land, and there was
always some meeting to attend to, feast to plan, or calender to fill with
classes to teach.  Moving to a new kingdom in many ways felt like the morning
after a snow fall... there was a still and a hush surrounding us.   This has
not at all been a bad thing, rather, it has helped us to go within and further
clarify what the dream means to us as individuals, and it has given us time to
pull ourselves together after a very difficult move.  We left two of our
children behind in Trimaris to finish out their school year, and there is an
emptiness and aching in our hearts that has been hard to gloss over in our day
to day lives.  Having found our new SCA family here in the Barony of Marinus
has helped us, and having found our larger extended family in the Kingdom of
Atlantia has given us new found cheer as well. 

We made our plans to attend Coronation and wondered about how it was going to
be not having our usual coterie of friends surrounding us...we were going to
be new fish in the pond, but we resolved to just go and meet people and have a
good time.   My husband and our 12 year old son were dressed in matching
maroon Italian Ren,  and I wore my Burgundy and Gold Elizabethan.   Many
people spoke to us, asking us where we were from and if we were enjoying
ourselves.  Most of the time when we replied that we were from Trimaris, the
questioner would look at me rather askance and ask how I had worn Elizabethan
in Trimaris, to which I replied that I stood in the shade a lot.  <g>  

The atmosphere at Coronation was wonderful, the people friendly and open.   It
was good to see that our kingdom is so well protected by such noble fighters,
fencers and archers.    From what I could see, there are also many good
gentles that are talented in the art of tailoring beautiful garb.   Judging
from the exhibits in the hall, the arts and sciences are alive and quite well
in Atlantia.   It is good to have such harmony of arts, both martial and the
ones of a gentler nature.  

We had a great time and found plenty to do.  The day was filled with laughter,
sharing and learning.  As the twilight settled and we headed back to our neck
of the woods, my son Rory yawned in the back seat and made the comment that
everyone there looked so familiar....it was like they were family that he had
not seen for a while, kinda like when you go to a family reunion or something.
As he drifted off to sleep, I thought about the day, the new friends we had
made,  and I realized that he was pretty much right on the money with his

Thanks to everyone that stopped to speak to the new kids on the block and for
making us feel welcome.  Your smiles and kind words went a long way and will
not be forgotten.   I may have to ask your names again though......


Lady Jane Devereux
Barony of Marinus
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