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Sacred Stone's Investiture and Novice Tourney Flyer with upates

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

Could someone please cross post this to the Principality list?  I'm sorry
I've forgotten the address.

As always for any questions please contact me, the autocrat.

Lady Rebecca the Contrary (Becky McEllistrem), 
PO Box 19871, Charlotte, NC 28219, (704) 924-9236. 
email: beckymc@microsoft.com 


 Sacred Stone's Baronial Investiture and Novice Tourney

 The date is Apr 17 and the site is West Mecklenburg High School in
NC.  It is BONE DRY!

Please come join us to say thank you to Baroness Rachel de Johnstone and
welcome our new Baron and Baroness.

TO ENTER the HEAVY WEAPONS Novice Tourney you must have been authorized for
two years or less in weapon and shield, or, one year or less in any other
weapons form. There will also be a variety of other fighting scenarios
immediately following the novice list.  Those scenarios will be determined
the fighters wishing to participate so be sure to bring your armor (no
how long you've been fighting!).
TO ENTER the RAPIER Novice Tourney you must be authorized for 2 years or

A&S is a general competition with a Novice Category (any area where you have
only 1 year of experience) however we prefer to emphasize these specific
Calligraphy, Illumination,  Leatherwork, Needle Lace, Bobbin Lace and
There will also be an open display as well as a few classes throughout the
day. Check at troll for specifics.

There will also be a "poison contest" to extend throughout the day.  At
you will be assigned a colored ribbon to wear on your arm.  Green means
playing.  Gold means you're playing with an alternate to almonds.  No ribbon
means you're not playing. The idea is to "poison" your intended by placing
their almond somewhere in their food or drink.  If their lips touch what
contains the almond, they are poisoned.  They do not have to eat the almond
be poisoned.  The dead person must surrender their ribbon to you.  The
that collects the most ribbons by the end of the day is the winner.
in this poison game is a Best Death competition. Those who die the most
entertainingly for the populace will also win a prize.

Matsudaira Toshiyori (John Sellers) will provide an incredible feast. A
simple lunch will also be provided.  Please contact him for any dietary
concerns at:
4050-E Huntingreen Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 (336) 760-9136, e-mail
jsellers@cris.com     NO calls after 10:00 p.m.

Reservations before April 5th on board: $8.00, off board $4.00.  At the door
$11.00 on board, $5.00 off board.  For Reservations please contact: Lady
Deborah la Viaggiatrice (Deborah Stapleton)  Mailing address: 2525  Dogwood
Charlotte,NC 28208 Phone: (704)394-3302 (No calls after  10:00pm).
 Merchants are welcome.

Autocrat is Lady Rebecca the Contrary (Becky McEllistrem) 327 Euclid  Ave,
Statesville, NC 28677 (704) 924-9236 (call any time!).

The Days Inn (704-525-5500) has a block of rooms available until April 2nd,
(call the hotel for directions), but you may take advantage of one of the
other hotels at exits 33 and 32 on I-85 in Charlotte as they are closer to
the site.  Many of the hotels have interior access rooms.  They range from a
Sheraton to an Ramada Inn so hopefully you will find suitable accommodations
within your price range.  If you wish to
make reservations here are just a few numbers all in the 704 area code
there are 14 hotels).  As always there is crash space however it is further
than the hotels.  (Please contact Lady Rebecca the Contrary for crash

Red Roof Inn - 392-2316 ($59)
Microtel - 398-9601 ($61)
Fairfield Inn by Marriott- 392-0600 ($60)
Country Inns and Suites - 394-2000 (Shoney's is in the parking lot) ($74)
Days Inn - 394-3381 ($49)
Best Western - 394-4301 ($77)
Comfort Inn - 394-4111 ($73)
La Quinta Inns - 393-5306 ($49)
Ramada Inn - 392-7311 ($49)
Quality Inn - 399-1600 ($??)
Sheraton Plaza - 392-1200 ($119 only King beds available)
Courtyard by Marriott - 319-9900 ($64)

All prices are for double rooms unless noted otherwise. If you wish crash
space, please contact the autocrat as she is co-ordinating crash space

Directions to the site:

>From I-85:
Take your best route to I-85 exit 32 (Little Rock Road) southbound turn
northbound turn left, onto Little Rock. At the second intersection
(Tuckaseegee Road, you will see an Arby's on your right and an Eckerd Drugs
on your left) turn left and go 1/2 mile past Wilson Middle School.  West
Mecklenburg High School
is on your right.

>From I-77 North into Charlotte:
Take exit 6B (Billy Graham\Woodlawn exit, when you exit you will be on Billy
Graham) and follow Billy Graham until it intersects I-85.  Take I-85 South
the next exit which is exit 32  (Little Rock Road) and follow the I-85
below. {From I-77 South into Charlotte take I-77 South to I-85 South then
follow the
directions below from I-85}

Tentative Schedule:
  11:00 Royal Court/Rachel's Last Court/Investiture
  1:00 Fighting Begins
           Baronial Officers' and Branch Seneschals' Meeting
  2:00 Baroness's Tea
  3:30 Order of the Sacred Stone Meeting
  4:00 Order of the Phoenix Eye Meeting
  4:30 Order of the Phoenix Claw Meeting - on the field
  6:00 Duncan and Emer's First Court
  7:00 Feast
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