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April 1st Heraldic Submissions for A.S. 33

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

						0.9999999... April 1999

Unto the unsuspecting Crown and populace of Atlantia, and all others
who have the bad fortune to stumble over these presents: greetings
from Evan da Collaureo of the Officious Yellowfin Tuna of Atlantia.
As heralds emerge from hibernation at winter's end, the cabin-fever
hallucinations take concrete form on demented missives such as this.
I was assisted in the preparation of this April Fool's LoI by the
usual gang of unindicted co-conspirators. The following were passed by
the Atlantian Collision of Heralds and sent on for final consideration
by the SCA College of Assorted Appendages:
1. Atlantia, Kingdom of. New heraldic title: Aqua Amica Tua Est Herald.
     This title follows the known pattern of using mottos as heraldic
titles. It is intended as the present Triffid's retirement title. The
motto it uses is taken directly from her First Rule of Field and Court
Heraldry; it translates to "Water Is Your Friend."
2. Kenneth South Parker. New name and device. Argent, two eyes within
a decrescent and an increscent conjoined gules, overall a Norse
suncross sable.
     [Withycombe, p.188] lists Kenneth as imported from Gaelic "Cinead"
and Welsh "Cennydd" and notes Kenneth MacAlpine (d.860), first King of
Scotland. [Reaney 3P] cites Isabella South 1297 (p.418) and gives Parker
as a header spelling (p.338).
     (A Norse suncross is a thin cross within and conjoined to a circle.)
3. Lota Lucke. New name and device. Argent quatrefoily vert, a horseshoe
inverted azure.
     [Reaney 3P, p.285] s.n. Lott, dates Lota to 1279, likely as a
pet-form for such diminutives as Allot, Amelot, Ellot, Gillota, etc.
[ibid, p.287] s.n. Luke, cites William Lucke 1279.
     (Note that a horseshoe has the open end DOWN by default. This
submitter has inverted it to keep the luck from running out!)
4. Postumus Death. New name.
     [Withycombe, p.247] cites Postumus Pownell 1571. [Reaney 3P,
p.129] cites Robert Death temp. Edward I.
[Reaney 3P] = Reaney, P.H. and R.M. Wilson. A Dictionary of English
     Surnames (3d edition of A Dictionary of British Surnames). Oxford:
     Oxford Univ. Press, 1995.
[Withycombe] = Withycombe, E.G. The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian
     Names (3d edition). Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 1977.

That concludes this batch of Atlantian heraldic silliness... wait
'til next year. Until then I remain yours in service,
                                        Yellowfin Tuna

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