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Re: coat of arms research

Poster: Jim Trigg <jtrigg@hoflink.com>

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Michael Jeffrey Looney wrote:

> I was told, but St Gabriel, that my arms would not be passed b/c they
> are not a "French" design for coats of arms in period. 

That's not what we said.  We said that the arms do not match the name and
persona, and that we did not recommend them.  We also said that they are
not registrable, but for a different reason.

> They also listed that they couldn't find anything by a M. de Roquelaure
> in the 16th century, though I managed to find period information of a
> person by the name of "de Roquelaure" in period...I have the information
> at home. 

We're not perfect and do not have access to every single source.
Sometimes we miss things.  Please send us the information so that we can
find it in the future.

> But that's beside the point.

> What I was woundering is this:  DO my arms HAVE to match my person's
> origins?  Jsut b/c my persona is French, do they ABSOLUTELY HAVE to be
> within the French design?? 

No, not by Society standards.  The Academy holds itself to higher
standards than the College of Arms, and makes recommendations based on
this.  From the College of Arms' perspective, a proposed set of arms is
considered in isolation; the Academy actually looks at the persona story
and considers whether the name, the arms, and the combination fit the

Member of the Academy speaking for himself only.
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