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Re: double sends

Poster: Kathleen M Hogan <kathleen.hogan@juno.com>

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999 10:14:25 -0700 (PDT) Betty Eyer
<betty_eyer@yahoo.com> writes:

>One reason for double sends is that some people reply by hitting
>"reply" and then add the merry rose as an additional address.  This
>means that the person getting the reply will get one directly from the
>send and one from the Merry Rose.  You can tell that is happening by
>reading the banner information at the top of the email.  
>I think this is poor electronic etiquette, myself and should be
>discouraged.  One shoule hit "reply" only for a private response.  We
>all get enough mail as it is!
What I do is hit reply and then change the address to the Merry Rose
address.  That way I get the text I want to reply to without all the
extraneous "stuff" that comes up when I forward.

Caitlin nicFhionghuin

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