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Warlord Announcement for May Acorn

Poster: "Jeffrey C. Sussman" <JSussman@erols.com>

What follows is the Warlord's announcement for the June Acorn.

Greetings and Felicitations unto Atlantia from Duke Richard!

My heartfelt thanks go out to Their Majesties and the senior war commanders
for appointing me to the post of Warlord of Atlantia.  I know that all of
Atlantiaís combatants will join me in thanking Sir Havordh.  My first
priorities will be establishing avenues of communication.

To this end, Iíd like anyone who is a commander, of any group of fighters,
in Atlantia to send me their names, address, e-mail address and phone
numbers.  Iíd also like a short description of the group they command and
the larger group they are a part of, if any.  This applies to all types of
commanders, assistant commanders, deputy commanders, warlords and all roles
of these types.  If you are one of our leaders, Iíd like to know your name.
Iíll be maintaining a mailing list of commanders.  Iíll be working with
local officers and regional commanders to fill gaps in our army.

In addition, Iím setting up an e-mail discussion list similar to the marshal
ís list.  If you have e-mail access and are one of the leaders described
above, or someone whoís interested in Atlantiaís army, please send e-mail to
me at Warlord@Atlantia.SCA.org.

Elsewhere in this Acorn are event announcement for Kingdom War Practices the
first weekend in June (in Windmasterís Hill) and the second weekend in July
(in Stierbach).  All commanders are strongly encouraged to attend one if not
both of these practices if at all possible.

I would like to heartily commend all the people holding local and regional
practices throughout the kingdom.  These are the activities that really
build our forces.  I strongly encourage all local commanders to attend, or
at least send a representative, to each of  their local and regional
practices.  In my opinion, this is one of the responsibilities of being a

Yours in Service to Atlantia

Yours in Service to Atlantia,
Duke Richard Fitzgilbert
(Jeffrey Sussman)

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