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Poetry Competition At Crown Tourney

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <SMETZLER/0002152178@MCIMAIL.COM>

The Poetry Competition at Crown Tourney has been scheduled from 11:30
to 1 on Saturday at the Double Decker Pavilion. Winners of the
competition will be asked to perform during the feast.

I have set forth some additional clarifications to the rules below.  If you have additional
questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Atlantian Poetry Website should be up and running in the next day
or so, check it out:  http://poetry.atlantia.sca.org. 

Sue Metzler/Tehair MacDiarmada
Poeta Atlantia
(301) 474-3344 

Clarification of Previous Announcement:

Q1) <<Does the second piece (in case of a tie) have to be on the same theme 
<<or any theme that strikes your fancy?

Answer: The second piece can be on any theme that is period or SCA-related
(so you could use one of the pieces from the display -- just remember
you would have to perform the second piece and it would need
documentation.) Preferably the second piece should be in a differnt
style from the one entered in the competition, however this is not a
requirement since I did not list it in the competition rules.

Question 2) <<So, are there four prize categories (Novice-Period,
<<Novice-SCA, Experienced-Period, Experienced-SCA)?  It wasn't completely
<<clear to me.  

Answer: For this competition there are four prize categories.  In future competitions
I will have three (best overall novice poem, best overall open category
poem and best poetic challenge category poem).

Question 3) <<On the judging: Are they supposed to explain to us (in
<<documentation or introduction) what's period about their imagery or
<<are the judges supposed to be sufficiently expert to spot it
<<regardless of period/style/etc? Ditto on style. How do we judge
<<complexity? What constitutes entertainment value? I'm just trying to
<<figure out how to apply them uniformly when judging.

Answer: In their documentation (and to a lesser extent their introduction),
competitiors should be telling you what's period about their imagery, style,
conventions etc. (I will announce this again at the start of the competition
so that they have a chance to read through their notes).

When I say complexity, I'm talking about the difficulty of the sturcture
or rhyme scheme (e.g. sonnet-easy, iambic pentameter-hard, use of
alliteration and rhythm without rhyme is hard). I am also talking
about their use of language and rhymes (e.g. time and rhyme - easy;
Atlantian and guardian - more complex).

Entertainment value is one of those more nebulous things but is a
definitly part of the poetic experience I think. This is whether you
decide if you enjoyed the total presentation (use of voice, gestures,
eye contact, tone) and decide whether they made an impact on the
listener/reader (if it was supposed to be humorous did it come off as
humorous, did the poem/presentation make you think or laugh or cry or
in some other way affect your emotions. If it was trying to make a
point did it fulfill its objective?)

It is my thought to divide the total number of points equally among
the poem itself (use of period imagery, use of period style and conventions, 
complexity of the piece, did it follow the theme), its documentation*, and 
its presentation (skill in performance, entertainment value, and overall impression)

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