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Academie web pages...

Poster: Aedan Aylwyn <aedan@mindspring.com>

>> WWW: http://www.aclltd.com/~academie    Email: aedan@mindspring.com
>       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>May I ask where the Academy Pages have gone? 
>This address hasn't worked for some time now, and I've tried to
>answer more than one person's question as to rapier in this kingdom.

The Academie pages have been down since late December.  Still haven't
gotten them back up.  Looks like I'll need to find them a new home as
the changes to my work's web sites are still in flux.  I'll announce their
return but don't have a time guesstimate yet...


Baron Aedan Aylwyn, Provost                     Baron of Caer Mear
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WWW: http://www.aclltd.com/~academie    Email: aedan@mindspring.com
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