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Re: Roll of Arms?

Poster: "Jennifer Thies" <jthies@umuc.edu>

This is a repost of what Triton posted a while ago regarding the Roll of
Arms Competition.  This is in response to a query about what it was.

Basically the artist has the day to work on a representation that will
record the entrants and their heraldic devices, and be mostly done by
the end of the day.  The entries will be judged by court and announced
then.  The winning entry gets to be placed in the Roll Of Arms Book
(~10x14)that contains the previous entries.

Rhiannon- Can you bring your books of examples to Crown?

Any further questions?  Ask me-

Thank you,
Genevieve, KMoAS

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Someone asked me over the weekend what the Roll of Arms competition
If one person was curious, maybe more are, so here's a brief

Jointly sponsored by Triton and the Kingdom MoAS offices, the Roll of
Arms competition creates a historical record of the fight for Crown at
each Crown Tournament.  Contestants may create this record in a number
of forms, either poetry, prose, song or artistic rendering of the
combattants' arms. 
The entries must reflect the heraldry of each combattant.  (For example,
if Duke Michael is an entrant, a poetic rendering might say "The mighty
lion roared" when referring to him.)  At our last Crown Tourney, we had
a tie, between a poem and an artistic rendering.

The entrants have the day of the tourney to work on their entries.  The
winner(s) then are asked to dress up their work for inclusion in the
official book and are given 6 months to do so.  Baroness Genevieve can
give the specific details as to how the competition is actually run.

As I said last week, I will have some books with examples of period
Rolls of Arms (artistic displays mainly) with me at University for
anyone who wants to get a peek...

Rhiannon, Triton
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