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Thoughts on Crown Tournament

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Unto the noble and best-intentioned people of Atlantia, greetings from
Lord Kevin of Thornbury, authorized fighter and warranted marshall.

	If we look at history, this topic will come up next week, so I'd like
to address it now for use as a reminder during Saturday's Crown

	Only the struck fighter can acknowledge a good blow.

	If I may repeat what has been said by Duke Richard, the fighter being
hit has 100% of the feeling of the blow, the feeling of his or her armor
and the effect of their movement.  The fighter throwing the blow knows
only half that much.  The marshall of that bout then knows half of that,
and the spectators know much, much less.  While the ratios may not be
perfect, they convey the right thought.

	While you watch the grandeur of Atlantia's finest fighters compete in
honorable combat for Her crown, please remember His Grace's words of

	I look forward to a memorable day, and wish you safe travel.
|_|_|  Lord Kevin of Thornbury, Esquire
| | |  (Kevin Maxson)
 \|/   kevin@maxson.com   http://www.atlantia.sca.org
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