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(OT)SCA acronym a red flag to ISP???? kinda long.

Poster: "MTR/AAHR" <wolffe@onslowonline.net>

Greetings! I have a question for anyone who I can actually manage to get
this to, before my ISP decides it don't like the addy .
Because of upcoming KWAR, I have subscribed to almost all of the Kingdom
email lists, in order to get the info out there.
In doing this, I have found that my Internet service provider is BLOCKING
messages, either sent FROM me or TO me from the lists. Various messages I
have sent have bounced back as undeliverable, when I know the address to be
correct and have been receiving messages from said address.
Case in point, the Ealdormere list-
According to the List Owner, I am subscribed. He has no messages being
returned from the list that SHOULD be coming to me. Yet I have not recieved
them. My messages are not getting to the list, he says, and I receive them
back DAYS after I post them.
I have yet to recieve anything from the following-
The last returned message from Ealdormer said that it was a 'suspicious
list'. Now I find out that the acronym, 'SCA', is a red flag for ISP's.
My question is WHY?
And has anyone else out there had these problems before?
Is there anything I can do about it?

Thanks for listening, or attempting to.}:)
-Wolf Kestris Rowanwood
Stronghold of Raven's Cove

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