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Re: (OT)SCA acronym a red flag to ISP???? kinda long.

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> The last returned message from Ealdormer said that it was a
> list'. Now I find out that the acronym, 'SCA', is a red flag for
> My question is WHY?

Possible reasons:

- Some SCA lists may generate undue amounts of traffic, which is a Bad
Thing for many smaller ISPs.

- Some smaller ISPs may not like any lists which they are not aware of
the content.  "toyota-owners" list is pretty self-explanatory, SCA-EK
is not.

- Many smaller ISPs may have their system set by default to treat any
unknown (to the sysadmin) mass mailing to be considered as SPAM, and
not as a mailing list.  To many email server setups, the two can look
very similar.

- the SCA is also (unfortunately) the acronym for the Satanic Church of
America.  That alone may be why some ISP 'red flag' the acronym.

> And has anyone else out there had these problems before?

Not I that I'm aware of.

> Is there anything I can do about it?

1) Switch ISPs.

2) Use a free web-based email account for SCA lists.

or the best solution:

3) If your ISP is blocking list messages, it can unblock them as well.
Send a (polite) email to your sysadmin asking him to check into why
these messages are being blocked, and if theya re blocking, explain to
him what they are, and ask if the ban can be lifted.  You'd be
surprised. :-)


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