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Chronicle of Marinus's First Investiture

Poster: Raitt Jeb <Raitt_Jeb@prc.com>

This is in response to the call for chronicles of the first investitures of
the several Baronies.

The First Investiture of Marinus

On a fine, fair autumn day, Marinus held a Tournament and Feast to honor and
celebrate its assumption of the status of a Barony and the Investiture of
Donal Mac Ruiseart and Catherine de Bellefleur as its Founding Baron and
Baroness.  It was not an elevation for Marinus, which already held the
status of a Province.

The Tournament was held on a small green a short distance from the site of
the Investiture and Feast, and was conducted with grace and honor.  Baron
Donal (he was already a Court Baron) did not participate in the Lists,
choosing instead to act as an observer, and thereby set a precedent for his
entire term, for not once as Baron did he take up arms within the Barony.
Lady Catherine spent most of the time of the Tourney putting finishing
touches on her and Donal's investiture garb, assisted by at least one other
Baroness.  There are many buttons on cotehardies!

The Tourney being completed, all gathered in the Hall of Assembly for the
Investiture ceremony.  King Olaf entered the Hall in state, and after
concluding some other business, he called Donal and Catherine before him.
They entered with dignity, arrayed in the colours of the Barony (with all
the buttons in place), and were confirmed as those favored by the Barony and
chosen by Their Majesties.  Kneeling before the King, they received the
Coronets and were duly invested as the Founding Baron and Baroness of
Marinus, to the acclaim of all present.  

By the leave of the King, Donal and Catherine then conducted their first
Baronial Court, wherein they called forth the officers of the Barony and
inquired if they all wished to continue in service and pledge their loyalty
to the Barony, which all did.  Donal had to be reminded more than once that
he was the Baron, not the herald, and to let his herald (who was new to the
job) do the summoning and announcing.  There followed a series of
presentations to the newly-invested from other Barons and Baronesses in
attendance, and from folk residing within the Barony. 

Not long following, all repaired to the Feast Hall where a sumptuous repast
had been prepared. Presentations and congratulations continued during this
time, and Donal was so taken up in greeting well-wishers that the kitchen
staff had to admonish him from the rear of the hall to take his seat so they
could begin serving!  During the feast, there was entertainment in the form
of dancing and music, both instrumental and vocal.  Lord Ruiseart Niall
Stillbhart had composed a song in honor of the occasion, and Marinus's vocal
group, of which Donal and Catherine were regular members, had rehearsed it
secretly to surprise them with it. Their Excellencies were delighted, both
with the performance and with the sheet music that Lord Ruiseart presented
to them.  So impressed was His Majesty with the hammered dulcimer playing of
Lady Abigail de Burnham that he called her before him and made her an
immediate presentation of the King's Award for Excellence.

Thus did Marinus enter the roll of Atlantia's Baronies.

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