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RE: (OT)SCA acronym a red flag to ISP???? kinda long.

Poster: Rise Sheridan-Peters <rjsp@phosphor-ink.com>

Various folks identified confusion with the Satanic Church of America as a
reason that "SCA" may be red-flagged by ISPs.  I'm wondering if that isn't
the SCA version of an urban myth.  I just did a couple of searches,
constrained to contain both "SCA" and "satanic church of america," and got
exactly one hit web-wide, which was from the minutes of the SCA group based
up in Cambridge... the relevant section of which was a statement by a
Scadian that 

" Some groups, including one or two in the 
East have had trouble because of confusion with another group that goes by 
'SCA', the Satanic Church of America.  When you talk to people make sure 
they know which SCA you are talking about."

When I searched on Satanic Church of America, I found six sites, five for
Christian groups and one for the Church of Satan, which goes by "COS" but
mentions that it has been called in the media on occasion the Satanic
Church of America (no abbreviation).  The only interesting thing in their
site is that the last update was listed as "April 10, XXXIV A.S", which
implies that their organization was founded earlier than ours (since this
past April 10 was AS XXXIII for us).

Anyway, whatever is leading to the blocking may be no more than the
mis-perceptions of the ISP operator.
=Rise Sheridan-Peters
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