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RE: (OT)SCA acronym a red flag to ISP???? kinda long.

Poster: "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@lan2wan.com>

On Mon, 17 May 1999, Rise Sheridan-Peters wrote:

> When I searched on Satanic Church of America, I found six sites, five for
> Christian groups and one for the Church of Satan, which goes by "COS" but
> mentions that it has been called in the media on occasion the Satanic
> Church of America (no abbreviation).  The only interesting thing in their
> site is that the last update was listed as "April 10, XXXIV A.S", which
> implies that their organization was founded earlier than ours (since this
> past April 10 was AS XXXIII for us).

That's Anton Lavey's (who died a year ago or so) organization.  It was
founded in 1966 (I think they use the term Anno Satanas or something).

Istvan Dragosani
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