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Re: Courtesy and Honor at Pennsic (was Babies)

Poster: Andrea Hicks <maridonna@worldnet.att.net>


To me, honor belongs to one who's worth brings respect by having integrity
(having honesty, fairness, and repect for all).

One reason I joined the SCA was to see courtesy demonstrated which is not
shown in our modern society. Alas! It is not shown much in the SCA.

How can we show courtesy? Bow or curtsy, or smile and nod your head to all
that we meet as it is appies to their rank. Ask others (male or female) if
they need help even when some discourteously tell you they don't want your
help. Don't let their attitude keep you from helping others who may want
and need it.  :)

I'm sure there are more ways.

Lady Maridonna, deputy baronial herald-book, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Per pale sable and Or ten crosses botonny counterchanged.
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If you have armory, display it at events!

snipped for brevity

Betty Eyer wrote:

> What is your definition of courtesy and honor as it should be practiced
> in the SCA?  What are some practical ways that you could exhibit these
> virtues in an SCA setting...say, at Pennsic?
> ===
> Magdalena de Hazebrouck
> Purpure, a fess fesule argent between three torches or.

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