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RE: Atlantian brewing trivia

Greetings from Ellwood!

I double checked my mailbox.  Good thing Dafydd sent this to me
directly..... Why, I don't know--must be karma 8^)

I'll send what I've got in my O&A--I knew it was useful for

Does this help?

Nottinghill Coill Cornet

Brewmeisters of Atlantia(in order):

Gyrth Oldcastle
     Azure, a castle tripletowered Or, environed of an annulet
     issuant of eight arrows argent.
Phillip of Ghent
     Per chevron argent and vert, two fir trees eradicated and
     a hawk stooping counterchanged.
Bianca Caterina della Robbia
     Purpure, on a cross flory within a bordure invected Or, a
     rose gules.
Brie Kieran
     No device in my O&A
Bianca della Robbia
Brie Kieran
Allen of Dunwich
     Per pale argent and purpure, a jester's hat counterchanged.
Corwyn Wodeward
     Or, a bend sinister between a legless corbie close to sinister
     sable and a wildman statant affronty proper, within a bordure
Terafan Greydragon
     No device in my O&A
Brie Kieran
Annora nic Chailin
     Ermine, a pale within a bordure checky gules and Or
Tadhg mac Aodhain ui Chonchobhair
     Per chevron sable, semy of compass stars Or, and purpure,
     a chevron and in base an Irish harp Or