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Re[2]: Acrobatics and vocabulary

     Dafydd writes:
>Well, I would have said it another way: "the problem is that the SCA 
>guild doesn't correspond to anything medieval."  And in fact, there 
>are bloody few examples of SCA guilds that last more than a few years 
>or so.  This leads me to suppose that the problem is with the SCA 
>guild structures that are attempted.

I agree completely.  Too often the 'formal Guild structure' is used to 
further political ambitions or to give people a feeling of importance.

But that latter may also be part of the aim.  If someone (especially 
someone who is not yet a master of their craft) finds that there are 
others who appreciate their particular art, and who will recognize 
*interest* in it, as well as skill, then maybe they won't give up on it 
when they hit plateaus of skill or learning. 

>Which is not to say that no solution is possible, but that the usual 
>"Hey! Let's form a Guild!" might need a little more thought.
     Hm, any thoughts??  I have been addressing this in the A&S office for 
     the last two years and haven't really hit on anything, except to 
     inquire into the guild founders' ambitions and goals for the groups, 
     and help steer them toward a exchange of information rather than a 
     guild structure for the sake of itself.
     There isn't really a monopoly available, so that purpose of the guilds 
     is moot, likewise the purpose of political patronage, except in the 
     loosest sense.
     What is the interest, oh folk of Cheapside, in joining a guild, versus 
     having a group of like-minded friends?
     (who gets too philosophical when she hasn't had her lunch yet...)