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Re: The Principalities Debate, was: The Evil P-word

Bertram writes:

>Hi folks...
>Yes, I know, I'm not an Atlantian.  I'm from AEthelmearc, a 
>principality well on its way to becoming its own kingdom...
>but I must admit I am puzzled by the hostility to debate
>about the _topic_ of principalities in Atlantia that I'm
>It just feels funny, since I can remember back when the
>idea of a southern principality was discussed in the
>East Kingdom -- the principality that later grew to
>be the Kingdom of Atlantia.  The funny part is that
>if the people of the East had been as much against
>the very idea of debating principalities then it
>is likely that Atlantia might never have existed.

Ahh, but the flow here is different. The P-proposal here is designed to 
set up the largest population group as a Principality. It is as if the 
Rest of the East Kingdom wanted to be a Principality and leave what was 
to become Atlantia behind. Perhaps Ok if all pieces are viable on their 
own. (Which I'm not convinced is the case here.)