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Re: Atlantian problems..... (fwd)

I agree with you whole heartedly that we need to do what is fun for us in 
the SCA, and I do do that.  But there are some parts of the SCA that I 
want to experience that are directly related and intertwined with the 
kingdom's politics such as sitting on the throne, become a peer, all 
three branches, and 
other large aspirations like that.  I've got the potential to do these 
things both with my physical fighting ability, and my art and science 
ability.  I'm not saying that I am at that level yet, but one day I will 
be.  I can forsee bad kingdom politics preventing me from reaching these 
goals, from looking at what has happened to people around me (or should I 
say not happened) who many people felt deserved a recognition they didn't 
get.  I try not to get involved with any type of politics either.  They 
bore and confuse me, but sometimes you haven't got a choice.  Some people 
are satisfied and content with just being in the SCA.  I want to make a 
name for myself in the SCA, I want to take the SCA to its full potential, 
but I don't know whether it can be done if their are people in positions 
of power who have lost sight of what the SCA is really all about.