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Re: Some Internet advice requested

> Mosaic is actually a WWW viewer.  It's shareware downloadable from a number
> of sites, runs out of Windows (I'm pretty sure there's a Mac version as well),
> and has the advantage over old WWW viewers (like Lynx) in that you can see all
> the pretty pictures. I don't have the sites where one can get it offhand, but
> if no one else knows, I can find out.  --Alianora

The problem of using Mosaic or Netscape (another shareware WWW "viewer") is 
that they require an IP connection.  So if you were to want to use it from
home, you would need to run SLIP.  That can be a whole 'nother ball of wax
depending on the kind of service you are using.  An older viewer like Lynx
is text based and can run over normal dialup lines (I think).  Feel free to
email me if you want more info (this is probably not the kind of thing that 
AtlantiaNet cares about).