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Re: Selecting Crowns -- Definitions

At 01:45 PM 4/17/96 -0400, Lance Harrop wrote:

>Before you go further with this idea, I suggest you attend the next 
>Storming of the Gates of Ironwolf by the Children at Pennsic.  Using 
>water guns, foam rocks and animals, and various assundry items, the 
>Children at Pennsic managed to seize upon the leaders of Clan Ironwolf 
>and the Cult of Balloon and force the payment of the Kidgeld (in candy, 
>of course).  The children (including my daughter) and other participants 
>were an utter mess, and few of the spectators got way unmuddied.
>In Service
>Leifr Johansson

Lady Tovah Told me about this last week in fact.  I would love to so this
with Clan Ironwolf.  They are one of the Best Housholds in The SCA as far as
I am concerned.
  Thanks for the suggestion and reminding me  :)


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