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Re: INFO: seconjubin

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> Cariadoc's Miscellany sez:
> Sekanjabin
>    add 1 cup wine vinegar. Simmer 1/2 hour. Add a handful of mint, remove
[snip]         ^^^^^^^^^^^^

It is also good with other vinegars and different varieties of mint; I
am partial to orange mint in cider vinegar, and raspberry vinegar is

[second recipe snipped]
>    This seems to be at least two different recipes, for two different
>    medical uses. The first, at least, is intended to be drunk hot. In
>    modern Iranian restaurants, sekanjabin is normally served cold, often
>    with grated cucumber.

My friend Marjaneh, who is from Iran, says that sekanjabin is used as a
salad dressing most commonly; her recipe seems to be closer to the
second listed, which uses distinctly less sugar -- she said mine was too
sweet.  She does use mint, though.  She was very impressed that I knew
about it -- she even recognized my pronunciation!  :-)

Funny you should have asked about this just now, Alanna; I just posted
it last night to rec.food.recipes because somebody had a lot of vinegar
to use up!

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